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Patch 2.0 ready for download
In the download area you can find the latest patch. The patch size is 296 MByte and grants a full Vista compatibility. The patch includes all supported languages and enables an update from any previous version (V1.0 - ). You can find the patch here >>

New expansion pack announced: Marine World
Dive deep in "Wildlife Park 2"! The new expansion pack Marine World opens the gate to the oceans and offers players a unique view of the deep sea.

23 new ocean dwellers, including whales, dolphins, sharks, sea turtles and several kinds of corals, make for genuine underwater realism. The pack also features dozens of new objects and attractions such as the pirate bar, submarines in the style of Jules Verne and underwater hotels.
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Wildlife Park 2: Patch 1.23 available now
B-Alive and Deep Silver today release the extensive Patch 1.23 upgrading Wildlife Park 2 and also the add-on Crazy Zoo. Wildlife Park 2-fans who love to build huge enclosures in the free-mode, finally get the performance improvement they looked for.

1.23 fixes (extract):
- performance advance up to 50%
- balancing and gameplay improvement
- elimination of diverse graphic-bugs

Patch 1.23 is avaialble for download here >>

New Screens for "Crazy Zoo"
We introduce you to the new animal species. Find the new screens from the add-on here. To the screens >>

The "Crazy Zoo" add-on is on its way
The first add-on for Wildlife Park 2 provides more than 30 new species of animal and plants and numerous new features. The Zoo can now be turned into a fantastic amusement park. The add-on will appear on March 30. Further information >>

Wildlife Park 2 takes a walk on the wild side
Wildlife Park 2 the game is supporting a series of adventurous activities this summer with the sponsorship of the Woburn Safari Park in the UK.
Visitors of the Safari Park will also get a feeling for the game in the park's Undercover picnic area, Rainbow landing entrance and Restaurant area; a banner on the railway station barrier; and stickers on the popular swan boat rides. A major prize opportunity is also awaiting the gamers in which the park is providing VIP ranger tours for competitions arranged by KOCH Media.
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New update for Wildlife Park 2
B-Alive and Deep Silver continue to take care of the interests of their zoo fans! Therefore we are bringing out a new update for our zoo simulation Wildlife Park 2. Now, thanks to an optimized memory management, the game will run even more smoothly. However, neither the animals nor the public have been forgotten: Animals will form herds now, and visitors will not be put off by bad weather anymore. Download here >>

Wildlife Park 2 Screensaver available
Help, wild animals on my desktop! Beautify you screen - with the Wildlife Park 2 screensaver- Download here >>

The king penguin lives in large colonies of up to 10,000 animals. The total population on the subantarctic islands is estimated to be about three million. He is a loyal companion: the hard conditions of raising young in the eternal ice weld a penguin couple together and demand strict monogamous cohabitation.
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Deadline for Fansite Contest Extended
Though a lot of great submissions have already been received, many of you have asked for a little more time to put the finishing touches to their designs. Deep Silver has therefore decided to extend the deadline for the Wildlife Park 2 Fansite Contest. This means that you budding website designers can still send in your ideas to until the 28th May to win the cute cuddly tiger! The fansite kit (20 MB) can be downloaded here >>

Complete animal list
Do you want more? In Wildlife Park 2 there are altogether 60 animals waiting for you! Here >> you'll find the complete list of all animals: From A like African Elephant to W like White shark.

Right in time for the merry month of May, zoo fans can now get first impressions of the world of Wildlife Park 2! The demo of the 3D zoo simulation is available for download from now on. With the first three missions prospective zoo directors can get a taste of the gripping campaign. A map for sandbox mode in the African savannah with a limited number of animals and building options is available as well!
Click here for the demo >>


In Wildlife Park 2, more than 50 different animal species are waiting to be fed and cared for. We will introduce a new animal every week! Learn interesting and valuable facts about your charges' needs and requirements.

Wildlife Park 2 Trailer online
Landscape and enclosure design needs to be performed correctly – polar bears have no business on the steppes, and fish are most at home in the water. Some animals can be petted and fed by visitors, and some particularly talented zoo inhabitants thrill visitors with the tricks they have learned.
Download the fun Wildlife Park 2 video here >>

Take a walk on the ‘Wildlife’ Side
Welcome to the official Wildlife Park 2 website! From now on, this is where you will find a mine of information all about Wildlife Park 2, the follow-up to the successful zoo simulation Wildlife Park. A new "bestial" challenge awaits amateur zoo managers in Wildlife Park 2, now in impressive real-time 3D! See for yourself – look at the first screenshots here>>